What People Say About Us

Gives you what you need and what the health department wants you to have. Buying them through spene tech saved me almost 25% compared to what our food service provider has been charging. I have used this specific brand for a long time with no complaints.
Kalum Skinner
Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 tablets)
We have a commercial bakery and coffee shop - it was great to be able to purchase the multi-purpose sanitizing tablets from spymama at a reasonable price and a sufficient quantity to meet our needs
Humayra Garza
Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 tablets)
Exactly what we needed. Arrived quickly, without problem!
Ari Munoz
Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 tablets)

Who We Are. What We Do

Spene Tech is an innovative technology company who mainly supply the Chlorine Dioxide to the industry and household. Chlorine Dioxide is excel on hard surface disinfection and it is relatively cheaper and safer than other alternatives.

SPENE Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (Chlorine Dioxide) is very USEFUL and EFFECTIVE on hard surface disinfection. More importantly, it is SUPER CHEAP!

Chlorine Dioxide is nothing new but is widely used in commercial disinfection such as in restaurants, food preparation, and also use in the water disinfection process. However, it is Not a Famous item in the household department.

Key Benefits:

  • Sanitizes without the toxicity and nauseating smell of it. Bleach is not the right solution for disinfection.
  • Simple to make, the concentration is not that important. Unlike the alcohol-based disinfectant that requires the accurate amount of each to be effective.
  • It doesn’t produce harmful byproducts like most other disinfectants. Chlorine Dioxide will reduce to basic salt after the reaction.
  • Less corrosive than 84 disinfectants (the first generation)
  • Kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.
  • Remove odor by killing the germs or mold that producing the odor
  • Environmental friendly