Instant Infrared Thermometer (New)

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Taking a temperature measurement is a new normal nowadays. A non-contact thermometer is essential to avoid the risk of transmission.


Lightning Fast and Accurate – Not 3, 2, or 1 second, this thermometer delivers the accurate result instantly when you pull the trigger. Why wait for 1 second? 

Backlight Warning – What is the fever temperature? 98, 99, or 100°F? You don’t have to remember that because this smart thermometer will tell you by changing the LCD color. Should you see that the LCD displaying in orange or red color, you know that the person is on a fever


Non-Contact – Take the forehead temperature measurement at a distance between 1-2in without contacting with the subject. It reduces the risk of transmission through the measurement procedure. 

2 Measuring modes – It uses for body and surface temperature measurements at between 32°F – 176°F. Press the “set” button to change the measuring mode. 


Celcius and Fahrenheit – Switch between the unit by pressing and hold the “set” button for 5 seconds. 


32 Memory log – It will automatically store the measurement records up to 32 measured values. Press the “+” or “-” bottom to retrieve the values.



  • Weight: 4oz
  • Powered by: 2xAAA batteries (not included)
  • Accuracy: +-0.4°F (0.2°C)
  • Automatic shutdown time: 30 seconds
  • Product size: 5.8” x 3.7” x 1.7”


Package includes:

  • 1 x Infrared Thermometer
  • 1 x User Manual


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Unlike other stores that try to sell everything they can get their hands on, we focus only on what we’re best at. Sourcing & Shipping the highest-quality item on the planet. When you order this amazing Thermometer from us – be able to keep your customer and family member safe.

We just ask that you give our Thermometer a try. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!

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1 Thermometer, 2 Thermometers, 1 Thermometer + 1 Cordless Atomizer

89 reviews for Instant Infrared Thermometer (New)

    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    In the new normal you can never be too careful when approaching someone with symptoms and this thermometer was perfect for my family. My only complaint is that you have to aim precise despite maintaining distance which I'm not great at (LOL) but that's just a personal problem on my part. LED results are easy to leave. I really like it!
    Really simple to use and very good quality. Pretty fast, what is amazing especially for kids who don't have the patience to wait for the regular thermometer. Don't need to touch the person, what is amazing now with the corona situation. Very simple to know if the person has or not a fever, because the result appears with a face (smile or sad) and the color helps you to make sure if this temperature is normal or not.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Lucas De Marchi
    I bought 2 forehead thermometers before and none worked well. I decided to try it because I had an indication from my friend. Finally I found one for what I need. I really liked because it works super well. It's easy to use with kids, and have super fast result. I really recommend.
    Devendra Bansod
    I encounter a lot of people so I bought this to make sure people are safe. It comes with batteries and very easy to set up. There are different modes which can be helpful. It is very accurate in reading body temp and even detects if the thing being scanned is a body or an object. The reading is most accurate up to 8 inches away from the object. Great thermometer for corona time! One person found this helpful
    Eileen Bourgeault
    Love it
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Very handy and good product to have. I really like it. I do recommend getting one. It's just not just for taking body temperature it also has setting to take temperatures of objects as well like baby bottles or bath water or whatever you need a temperature of. Best part I like about it is the no contact part as to having to sanitize a thermometer everytime leaves me to wonder should I sanitize it a second time.... the light on LCD screen was bright enough. And also this device is pretty much accurate. Overall, Im very happy for my purchased and worth for invenstments.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    This is a 4th noncontact thermometer I have bought since the pandemic started. It’s very accurate comparing to my other 3 noncontact. 0.5 lower than the contact I have for years, easy to use, easy to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, LCD screen is large is enough for my elder Mom to read. The very helpful thing about this thermometer is it will make sound if you’re temperature is high. Also you should keep the thermometer 1-2 inches from your forehead when checking temperature, if you just get out of the car or were outside in the hot day, please come inside and rest in the room temperature a little bit before checking your temperature to get the most accurate. Bought this to give to my Mom and it’s served her need perfectly. And I paid way less on this one compare to the other 3 that I bought back in march.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Darryl Walker
    I've got 7 kids. If you've ever tried to take an infant's temperature, you'd appreciate this thermometer. My older children squirm a lot when we try under the arm or else they talk with the regular thermometer in their mouths. I was looking for something that would get accurate temperatures in minimal time. This thing is fast. A squeeze of the trigger then beep- instant reading. Fits easily in my pocket for easily portability around the house. I tried one of those forehead thermometers previously but this one is much easier and faster. It also does surface temperatures which can be helpful.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Great thermometer, reads in seconds and the color indicator is so helpful! I love the fact that you can tell without even looking at the temperature if it’s normal (turns green) or a fever (turns red). During covid, this is so essential to have if you have a family. Another cool thing is it’s takes air temp to not just body which I thought was very cool functionality.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    My son recently had a fever and we only had a regular digital thermometer. Since he’s too young to get his temperature under the tongue, and he didn’t tolerate getting rectal temp, we had to do armpit (auxiliary) temperature with the thermometer and it didn’t feel accurate at all. First of all, our son has the strength of a bodybuilder and he fought us like hell whenever we had to hold his arm down to get the temp taken, it felt like forever waiting for it to beep when done. After several days of this toddler-wrestling I was done using regular thermometers and found this handy forehead thermometer. The reviews said it was easy to use and very accurate. The shipping was pretty quick and I tested it on everything I could. I took everyone’s body temps, even the dog’s! It was so much fun pointing it at random things in the house to get a temperature reading instantly. Now I’ll feel better knowing that if our son has a fever again, we can get his temp checked within a few seconds! The buttons are simple and easy to use. I like that this is a no contact thermometer also because with Covid, we don’t want to have to share or sanitize a thermometer constantly, or use a lot of disposable probe covers. Highly recommend getting one of these for your household to be safe.
    The reading on this thermometer is accurate. Liked the smiley face on the screen. It's easy to handle and gets reading really really fast. I am really happy with my purchase. I don't have any problem with the screen protector didnt try to remove it either. The price for this product is reasonable. I would highly recommend this thermometer.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Marcia Nakahara
    I’m really happy with this thermometer. The mechanics are pretty simple, you just need to pull the trigger to turn it on and point at a forehead and it shows rapidly the temperature in color (green, orange, and red). That is a big deal for me since I’m not an expert hahahha You also can the mode change to surfaces. It turns off by itself pretty quickly. Also, it can be used for both C and F - which is great, since I read in Celsius more often than Fahrenheit.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Veronica NYC
    It was not enough to just own an oral thermometer for the immediate family. My daughter wanted one that could be taken anywhere and be used on anyone. This one met the bill at a very reasonable price. It is very accurate, easy to use, and now we can now ask anyone who we are socializing with to have their temperature taken just in case. A must for the times we live in.
    Erin Ledbetter
    I was feeling a bit under the weather, I couldn't find my thermometer. I started looking online to replace it. The others were much more expensive and wasn't going to be delivered until August. The review and this one was good. Thank you!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Works well for a non-contact test. Has a fever alarm. Meets RoHS and other statutory and regulatory requirements for the medical industry. Easy to read and understand user manual. Works accurately according to repeatability and reproducibility testing methods. I would suggest to color code the + and - symbols for us older folks to put the batteries in. Excellent product for the money.
    Nhat Nguyen
    This thermometer is consistent. Take and record your temperature everyday for the first 7 days when you are healthy. Then when you feel sick, take your temperature the exact same way subtract that temperature from the first 7 days. This is to get a difference in temperature when you are sick compare to when you are not. It's of course very fast, like any other laser thermometer.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Anjali Yadav
    For the past few months we have been taking the body temperature frequently due to COVID and kids were just tired of me using the oral thermometer . I saw this non contact thermometer at my physical therapist office where they check temp of each patient entering the building. I decided to buy it for my family and I must say I have been quite impressed with its good quality and easy of use. The battery direction and very small print on the user manual got me , but it didn't take me too long to figure out. The surprise part was , even though the box says 'body' , there is a 'surface' mode that you can switch to for just by the press of the button. The reading I got were fairly consistent with what i got from my traditional oral thermometer.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Dan Michaels
    Just point at the forehead and pull the trigger. So nice to be able to take temperature in a second or two versus the 30 seconds to a minute of the digital oral kind. Display is nice and big and backlit. Not really necessary, but it has a cute little happy or sad face emoji if you have a fever or not. It also has a surface mode which can be used to check the temperature of non-people things.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    I had a 2 in 1 forehead and ear thermometer. I had to slide the thermometer over my baby’s forehead to read the temperature and The temp came out different everytime! I got so frustrated using it especially when my baby was having a fever after vaccination. This thermometer is so more accurate. I tried it multiple times in my baby’s forehead and the result is consistent. I like that the beep sound could be turned off so I could do it when my baby’s asleep without worrying it would wake her up. I like it so far.
    I can always tell when my daughter is sick or is just playing the sick card to get out of doing something. When she's really sick, she sleeps. I never want to do anything to wake her up. Now during those times, this non contact thermometer is going to become my new best friend. I can now take her temperature without even touching her. Not to mention how handy it is since this pandemic. I have to check her temperature every morning before school. With me being a single mama, our mornings are sometimes rushed and being able to get a reading in a second is awesome.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    At first when I opened it up and put the batteries in I thought I had DOA batteries because it kept saying low. That means nothning infact the reason it says that was because what it was reading was too low. I took and pointed to my child forehead and it took there temp and it was accurate compared to another thermometer I have, the nice thing was there wasn't a fuss or making sure they held perfectly still and it took seconds to read. It also gives you another cool feature to test non body objects, for example our pool water. Just point in the direction of water and you get your results even the temp outside it's a pretty handy temp gauge checker!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    This thing works! Love how there is an LED light indicating if the temperature is normal (green) of if it’s hot (red). I gifted this to my grandfather because he works at the Korean Grocery store. He’s the security there who checks peoples temperatures before they head into the store. Before he was using a thermometer, he told me this eliminated any lines into the grocery store and now everyone can shop safe. He is very proud and I’m glad I got him this point and shoot thermometer.
    We bought this to replace a "contact"-type thermometer we previously used. It's very quick (about half a second) to display the reading, and we found it to read consistently the same temperature for each person each time we used it. We followed the recommendations to take a "base" temp for each person in the household (one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and average the two). That way we know what each person's "normal" forehead temp is, which can be about 0.9 degrees below internal body temperature and can vary a bit from person to person.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Glad and relieved I finally got this. It will definitely be so helpful to have this now that flu season is coming. I have 3 kids and it can be tricky to get their temperature when they all get sick. Having to clean the thermometer constantly is annoying, but this product solves that problem. It is so convenient to use this. Wish I had gotten this earlier. Hope it will last. Now I feel almost ready for the colder months.
    Keila Mattos
    I am glad we bought this thermometer. It has 2 modes to measure, body temp and surface temp making it useful for other things. I really like the large screen and easy to read display. The color background also changes from green to yellow to red to easily show a fever. It’s easy to hold in one hand and does the job quickly and efficiently. The user's manual is very well written and encompasses a wide variety of scenarios that could result in an error message. It included the normal temperatures in F & C. I would definitely recommend this product for the ease of use, the accuracy of the results and product support.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    This was my first time buying one of these type of thermoters, I had always wanted to get one but just figured they were really expensive. I was wrong this thermoeter is inexpensive fast and and reliable every single time, I used to have to right to get my kids to stay still long enough to get a temp on them..not anymore in fact they think it's like a game or something since I was so impressed with how well it worked and how fast it was that I went around taking everyone temp in our house. And even better with the whole covid-19 going around I can now be extra safe when having guest over and check their temps too. I couldn't be more satisfied with this product and highly recommend getting one if you don't have one already!!!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Brandon F.
    This thermometer is easy to use and operate. Upon pulling the trigger, I get the reading in 1 second. It is small, light and easy to grip. It doesn't have to be in contact with skin to get a reading. Place it about 1 inch away from forehead. I like that the backlit display changes color depending on temperature. I will be using this overseas so I changed the units from F to C.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    s ellis
    I’ve been wanting one of these forehead gun thermometers ever since Covid hit. We all are needing to be responsible and keep an eye on our temps and it seemed much easier than an oral thermometer. Finally decided to purchase one to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. This one is especially cool because it can do both body temp and surface temps on the different modes. It has memory to store up to 32 recent temp checks, which will come in really handy when my kids actually do get sick this winter. Very easy to use. I tested it a few ways, one by checking my fridge’s outside temp, and smother by checking myself and my daughters temps multiple times and it came up consistent And very close to what our oral temp was reading. Hopefully it continues to work as well. Really happy thus far!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    TX Lady
    Thid awesome thermometer is the closest thing to a”plug and play” version that you will find. Pop the batteries in, point and click, and the easy to read screen immediately displays the temperature. On multiple attempts, the readouts were quick snd consistent. A definite necessity for any household, particularly with the current pandemic. Awesome for taking temperatures of squirming, sick little ones!
    Lavanya Ayyagari
    During this pandemic, better stay safe than sorry. This touchless thermometer is so handy in checking the temperature whenever we have people coming to your home. Without any hestiation and pain, I use this device. Works exactly like it is mentioned in the description. Red if the fever high, green for normal. It is so easy to use. you can instatnly use it anywhere. No preparation needed. Very accurate. No need to touch or get in contact. Can be used on babies when they are sleeping as well. Very quite. I would definitely recommend this product.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Great quality and Super easy to use, just took it out of the box, put the batteries and it was ready to point, press the button and check the temperature. I love when I don’t have to use a manual to operate it. Double checked comparing it to a Braun one I have upstairs (and my husband can never operate) and it was accurate. I loved this purchase and recommend it.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Joye E. Gowan
    I like the ease of use of the thermometer as well that it will measure both body and surface temperatures without touching the body or surface. It can give the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. Thanks to the use of infrared technology, it never has to touch the body or surface for which the temperature is being taken. It looks similar to the thermometers that are being used at the hospital to check visitor and patient temperatures. I think it is a great tool for anyone to have in this age of the COVID-19 virus.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    A simple forehead thermometer that checks your temperature whether you are an adult or child. Needed this as the pandemic rages on because you just never know anymore. This is a must-need for any facility that holds a number of people in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. What I really like about this thermometer is that it is easier to use and handle compared to the manual thermometers. Just position this above the forehead a few centimeters away and then you should get a reading. No more going under the tongue/armpit! This switches between Celcius and Fahrenheit so go with whatever degree setting you need! Not only does it read the temperature of a person, but apparently it can also read the temperature of an object (which I still have yet to try). I do think this is a little pricey, but seeing as how prices have inflated everywhere I figured it is best to purchase now before it skyrockets even more. Pretty happy with my purchase and the readings seem accurate from my knowledge.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Well was looking for a good Thermometer that read with out touching the skin and that was accurate so after reading a lot of great reviews I ordered this one it came in I had the flu at the time so my wife checks it with it and with our old oral thermometer and it was Exactly the same love this thing so easy to use and not passing germs to each other by everyone in our family using it if they get sick using the same oral thermometer even after cleaning it with alcohol
    In current situation, I need one thermometer for my house and my office. I bought this product and I liked it a lot .its easy to use and good built quality.The trigger button is large as is the LCD screen. Hold 1-2” inches away from a body surface and the temperature is displayed after 2 seconds. I like that the LCD is green if the temperature is below the fever point (100.4 Fahrenheit).
    Bruce R.
    Squeeze the trigger to turn the unit on. 3 beeps indicate it pased its diagnostics. Hold the unit about 1" away from the center of the forehead and squeeze trigger unit a single beep is heard. Tempature read consistently over several tries. The three buttons on the side allow turning on/off the beeper, setting what temperature you consider a fevor, changs when the display changes color. There is a button combination to clear the 32 Memory. There is also a button combination to reset the unit back to factory defaults. Temperature readings seem consistant with ones read units used a stores and offices.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Love this product! I needed something I can trust to be accurate and after testing this product in relation to other thermometers this one is very accurate. I use it for both body temperature and to check the temperature of my reef aquariums which I wouldn’t just trust just any product for. It has a body mode and surface more for ensures accuracy. I can comfortably say I trust this product for accurate readings and recommend it.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    I love this thermometer. It is so easy to use, you just point it and pull the trigger and you get an accurate reading. It is very well made, great quality thermometer. No more fighting with the kids to hold the thermometer under their tongue or armpits. It is very easy to set up and use right out of the box. I am so happy that I ordered this, it makes life easier whether you use it on an adult or child. I highly recommend this thermometer, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Hamid Beltre
    This is exactly what I've been looking for, because when I take my temperature I can touch it to my skin, but if I want to take my friends' temperature I don't really want to have to press it against their skin. So this way I don't have to touch anything to get an accurate reading. It's been very easy to learn how to use this product, and the readings are big enough to read without glasses. Very happy with it!
    It's 2020 and I figured we are all going to have to start checking our temperature here soon before going in to work, etc. so figured I would order one preemptively. The day after I received this thermometer, I had an appointment at my physicians office and no joke they used this same thermometer to check my temperature before they would see me. It seems to be really accurate. I've checked my temperature multiple times within a couple of minutes and it always comes back within 0.2-0.4 degrees.
    Imran Islam
    Despite being an online instructor, I have to keep my lab open so that my students can implement their learnings. I bought this digital, non-contact infrared thermometer for my lab assistant so that she can check students’ temperature before allowing them to access the lab. It gives a very fast and accurate result. The coolest feature is the display color changes to green, yellow, and red according to the temperature level.
    Sarah Ann Austin
    Works as expected. If you live in a warm climate wait 30 min to use the device and allow it to get to the indoor room temperature. It also records surface temperatures. I am able to see the reading quickly and I have checked against my other thermometer and they are within +- .1degrees.
    Thuan Nguyen
    This forehead thermometer was very helpful in detect body temperature. I was out in the the hot sun and of course my body temperature went up, and was testified by this fore head thermometer. This was measured when the themometer was in room temperature. Moreover, this thermometer surprized me when it accurately show the temperature of my GPU surface. This purchase is like getting 2 features for 1 price. I will use this thermometer on guests who want to visit, since we are still in the middle of the pandemic. I think this thermometer is a must have for every home.
    E. Saari
    This thermometer works great. It measures body temperature and surface temperature. You can change the volume of it. It also has a light up easy to read screen. I couldn't get a good picture of it lit up. You don't need to touch the thermometer to any body part or hold for an extended period of time, it's very quick and accurate. I tested it on a few surfaces in my house as well as myself and my children and it worked great. My 4 year old can work it himself. Great product.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    This is a Must have if you are an essential worker or having guests over. Easy, Quick way to take temps and know right up front. The thermometer is not only small and lightweight, but accurate as well. I have tested with a 2nd thermometer so I know its right. Colors are nice too so you do not have to question the temp. Green is ok range, Yellow is slight fever, and RED is a high fever. Always make sure it is in BODY mode as it also doubles a Surface reader and you will not get the same results. BODY range > 95.0-107.6 F SURFACE range > 32.0-212.0 F. In Surface it is great for testing your AC ducks and making sure your Color AC is as cold as it should be. Which in most cases is 20 less then the outside air.
    Sandeep Saini
    My Kids go to school and it's instruction from school to check their temperature before leaving the home and before coming back from school. I had mercury one and which take at least 2 minutes to check and touches your saliva or body. It's good product can be used in kitchen/kids any surface. Different mods and even contact less. Looks good, and you can replace the batteries whenever you want.
    I was pleasantly surprised to fall in love with this thermometer! I have purchased some over the past 6 months that either didn’t work at all or measured differently than an oral digital thermometer. Point and shoot! I’ve been taking the temps of my pets, my husband-you name it! I love this thing and recommend it with confidence!
    I’m done with contact thermometer, they are small and generally cheap-made. The last one I bought from Amazon had a battery so small that it ran out in 2-3 months (even before I could use it), it also took a min to measure and I didn’t trust its reading. Much relieved with this one, it’s contactless and measures in a sec.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    I bought this primarily for when we go to phase two of the return to work plan for my employer. As of now I’ve been using it on my self to check my temp as I have been going to the gym daily and want to use it as an early indicator for a fever. The device is pretty easy and gives a reading in about 2 seconds with a beep letting you know when it has completed the scan. One beep means you’re in the clear and the screen will illuminate green. There is two beeps if something is up and the screen is either yellow or red and there will be a temperature reading.
    This is an amazing forehead thermometer! I am finally able to check my kids fever with this. I had a digital thermometer and my kids never let me use it on them. But this is just one click on the forehead and that’s it. They even like it themselves due to style and how it gives us them results. This is an important item to have especially during this time and I would recommend this to anyone especially the mothers. I love it
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    We are always using different thermometers with the kids. We have tried the forehead, under the tongue, in the ear, and they always seem to conflict results! We really wanted something easy to use and give an accurate result, so thanks! With this, we can take any one's temperature without having to sterilize or anything because you don't have to touch with it! Especially with what is going on in the world with the pandemic, I cannot imagine going back to the old school ways and having to squirm around with the kids to try and get a reading!!!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    If you need to take temperatures of people and things, this is the right tool. It can read between body temperature and surface temperature. It can also switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Another feature is the ability to record temperatures into memory for tracking. What I like and use is the option to make the device beep after it's registered a temperature. It holds that temperature so that you can look at it. You can check your own temperature.
    I have many thermometers but nothing shows accurate measurements. I finally got one which I can trust. : )..It is handy and as small as glue gun so easy to handle. Price got reduced from $69.99 to around $30 so grab it immediately!
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    R. Huynh
    Simple and easy to use. Got the forehead thermometer for the coronavirus pandemic. The thermometer uses 2 AAA batteries. Super convenient to use out of the box without having to find spare batteries in the house. The thermometer is easy to use and noninvasive with just a click of the trigger. The results are easy to read and the fact that the LED screen changes color with the temperature makes it easy to recognize if someone has higher than normal temps.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    Francesca Lesny
    I looked at quite a few of these "non-contact" forehead thermometers before making this purchase. This is the one I chose. Glad I did! Love it! Light weight, accurate, easy to read. So much easier to aim at forehead and squeeze the trigger to get a quick temperature than the other kind that goes in the ear. We leave it out and use it every day. Also great to check the grandchildren easily and without interrupting their sleep. This one also lights up green when you have no fever, yellow if slight fever, and red if in the high zone. Another great feature is there's a setting to switch the thermometer from "BODY" to "SURFACE" and this allows you to scan the temperature of a surface. (Like bath water, stove, or anything) I thought the price was a bargain. I looked at higher priced models as well as lower ones. This was a great "middle of the road" priced one that is of excellent quality with extra features. Highly recommend this one!
    Easy to use. No issues with batteries going in and just like that it’s ready to use. Oh also the protective screen cover came off with NO issue whatsoever so they must have fixed that issue. So far the accuracy seems ok so I gave it a 4 star for now bc it’s only been 1 day but it’s been more consistent than other forehead thermometers. What most people don’t realize is that the forehead temp, ear temp, oral temp and rectal temp are all different! Anyways so far so good.
    I love this thermometer. However the clear sticker with writing on the face won’t come off at all. I can barely read the temp. I reached out to the company and they sent a replacement right away great customer service. Highly recommend.
    Instant Infrared Thermometer (New) photo review
    I like the quick and easy use of this thermometer. Seems very accurate. I can't get over how quick and easy it is to use. I bought a different thermometer one month earlier and I fought with it every time I used it and could hardly ever get it to work for me. It was only 4 days after the 30 day return when I finally gave up on it. By the way, that thermometer is for sale, half price if anyone is interested. It might work well for someone else. My daughter told me about her new thermometer she just bought and now I have it also and I love it. No stress !!! Works first time every time with accurate readings. I love my new thermometer. I check everyone when they come in the door. We go by the rules, pray and walk in peace until our vaccination comes.
    This forehead thermometer works great. I checked the accuracy with another thermometer and the temps came out the same. It doesn’t just measure body temp as well but always surface temp so I measure my room to make sure the temp is perfect for my baby who needs to be under 70F or less. I’m really happy with this purchase. Everything about this thermometer is easy to use.
    Needed a way for my wife to check her temperature right before she goes to work and as soon as she comes home. She's a teacher and it's important that we have an accurate reading every time. For the first few days we used an oral thermometer and Forehead Thermometer just to make sure it was accurate and it was every time. Now that we know it is accurate and can be trusted, she just checks her temperature on the way out and the way in every school day. This is so easy and quick to use and I only regret that I didn't buy one sooner!
    Todd Smithson
    My wife and I had determined that we definitely wanted to acquire a forehead thermometer for our use during the pandemic. After reading all of the reviews we chose the unit from LPOW. The LPOW unit is very well made and extremely easy to use. The accuracy is dead on for all scans that we have attempted. We highly recommend the LPOW forehead thermometer for those looking for an easy to use and accurate forehead thermometer.
    Yvonne S.
    So I purchased this, basically because of covid 19, My husband is in the high risk category and I have been buying everything to keep him safe , this appealed to me because it is none contact. It appears to be very accurate as we took our temperature with a regular one, and the results matched. It clean quick and accurate and we are very happy with it
    Joyce Cho
    Let’s be honest, everyone is worried about COVID-19 right now so it’s important to keep track of your temperature. This thermometer doesn’t touch the skin so transmission risk is lower. It has the same reading as my old forehead thermometer, so accuracy is good. It’s lightweight and portable and a valuable tool. If your kids are sick you can take their temperature without ever waking them up. I recommend one for every household.
    Just received the thermometer today. Most new items use plastic static cling to protect screens etc. This item arrived with a screen protector applied with some kind of super sticky adhesive. Had to tear it off in pieces and yet a small area remains adhered to the screen. It was readily apparent the protector was stuck in place, but because it was pre-printed it could not be left in place. Gave up trying to remove it fearing the actual screen would be damaged. But I did try it out and it seems easy to use. Returning for replacement. Just be advised if 'your' screen protector does not remove easily you may end up with the same situation.
    For quick temperature monitoring during the pandemic that doesn't require sanitizing between usages.
    James Spears
    This is a great way to keep germs from spreading, unlike the ones you put in your mouth. Yes, you can keep from spreading germs with the one that goes in the mouth, but you will go through a lot of alcohol. Lol. This thermometer is right on and has a switch where you can get the temps of both body and surfaces. I love it.... I will but another one
    Alexander Hunter
    Oh whoever engineered the cover for the display needs to be shot it’s bionically glued on whatever you do please do not try to Take it off. Your fingernails will hate you and it will never come off. Instead the display screen will look like garbage. Other than that it is an acceptable and fairly accurate device. Maybe this things been sitting on a shelf for years in the clear screen protector has become glued on to the display either way it’s a freaking shoot show
    I found that this Thermometer was easier to use than others. I like that there are additional buttons for me to press to change the modes or to turn the sound off. There's an option to check body temp and another for surface temp. Surface temp being like room temperature, or even the outer temperature of my food. When checking body temp, it will alert you in red when your temperature is too high. For the giggles I also checked the temp of my dog. It works! Overall, good product, easy to use. I love it! The only downside( which is hardly even a problem) is that I have to hold down the button to scan. (I tried some where it scans immediately from one press of a button)
    Maria Mazza
    Assuming ACCURACY is spot-on, this is a really good thing to have handy in the Era of COVID-19! One small caveat: There is a clear, thin plastic sheet covering the readout screen, be very careful when pulling the tiny removal tab. It breaks off easily, and the thin plastic sheet still covering the screen is very hard to remove with just the tip of a fingernail. It is stuck on there real tight!!
    saba nadeem naqvi
    I ordered this due to the situation with Covid. I have been using it at our community center to take temperature of everyone. I like that it contact free and takes a second to read the temperature from fore head. The accuracy is on great as I have compared it with 2 different types of thermometers. It can save up to 32 readings in memory and warns you with low and high temperature. Also great is the easy of use, just press the in button and pull the trigger and that’s it. Highly recommend specially in these times.
    Morten Due
    This is the best best thermometer we had to date, the temperature always comes up right away and it's consistently the same. Other thermometer I tried always fluctuate in temperature when you do multiple readings in a row but not this one !
    Shipping arrived ahead of original schedule and the thermometer appears to work ok--just has a few days. Hopefully it holds up.
    This thing reads forehead properly. It somehow adjusts for the cooler skin and reads very close to an oral thermometer. The number of buttons is not really nonsensical. It does say it can read surface temp, when you sent it, but small range of 0 to 100 c which is not useful for cooking or anything. so it's a keeper for what it's main use is, a forehead thermometer.
    Jeannie Hu
    This is a MUST BUY and will come handy when you need it most, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. I have to document my temperature before going to work and I have been using an oral thermometer. I decided to compare the results from the infrared thermometer to my oral thermometer, and it is pretty accurate. I love this non-contact thermometer because it is SO EASY to use, with quick readings, and can be used on multiple people. Love it!!
    Packed with care and looking healthy. Very easy to use I got for my mother 74 springs old and she use it easily. I tested it with the old school one and its really accurate. Bottom line I am happy with this purchase. Highly recommend it.
    I really love this thing. I hate having to take my temperature not knowing what’s touched it last. Yes, I’m a germaphobe. Finally was able to find an inexpensive no touch thermometer that works. For fun I tried it on my dog’s shaved belly (she’s a Bichpoo) and it seemed accurate on her too
    Betty Beitzel
    Our department members have to record our temperature every morning. We bought this thermometer so we could take ours more conveniently. By that I mean now we don't have to walk to the other side of the building. We do it in our special education office as soon as we get to school. The thermometer is so fast and easy to use. A huge step up from the old days!
    William M.
    For a few weeks you couldn't find no touch thermometers anywhere and when they became available at our Target they were $60. I saw this model and it had good reviews so I grabbed it and it arrived next day. Is it weird to be taking everyone's temperature at the door... Yes. Am I glad that I can... Also yes. The screen flashes green/yellow/red as needed but it also gives a read out of the actual temperatures which is helpful.
    Reza Ahmadi
    This infrared thermometer is easy to read and use. The trigger button is large as is the LCD screen. Hold 1-2” inches away from a body surface and the temperature is displayed after 2 seconds. I like that the LCD is green if the temperature is below the fever point (100.4 Fahrenheit). Switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale is by pressing the buttons.
    Amy Tang
    This thermometer is great. Instant read and very accurate. My wife is an RN and says that this unit works better than the ones they use at their clinic. You can choose body or surface scanning as your source. I even checked the temperature of my hot water at each faucet. Reads accurately in one second!
    Hunter Feldt
    The thermometer appears to be accurate for our purposes. I got it just to check the kids temps as they leave the house to go to school. And in that setting it seems to be pretty good. I always shoot the "air" first which comes in as "LO" (I assume that is due to the temperature reading being below typical body temp) before taking temps on the forehead. The one thing that seems odd about this is that if I check multiple temperatures (e.g. my daughter then mine) both temperatures are the exact same. Then if I immediately check a 3rd, its the same temperature. So I have gotten in the habit of scanning the air (LO) in between each time.
    Drift Wood
    Working fantastic, very accurate as far as I can tell using other thermometers for comparisons. Battery compartment a little tricky but you only have 2 so you'll get it. (How many ways can you get those two batteries in there before you get it right) The manual was not very clear, but how much info do you need? Having many children I've put lots of batteries into toys and gadgets, there is a +/- picture, but not clear on which one goes where, (eg; the battery slots are left and right, but the +/- symbols are in the middle--and vertically), good luck. It works good, be prepared for the confusing manual, but I am happy, I don't read too many manuals anyway. There are only a few buttons, you're not likely to break it.
    C. Hix
    Thought I'd review this sooner as it is needed right now and not later. Been using it for a few days now and still working as it should. Very sensitive in fact that I took a reading on the side of my face exposed to the sun while driving and it gave a warmer reading than the other side which was in the shade. And another observation - you may get a "hot" reading when you are wearing a jacket which obviously warms you up significantly but which you may have forgotten to remove if you leave early in the morning and arrive at your destination a few hours later when the outside temperature has already changed from cold to warm. Stay safe everyone!
    F. Kent
    Easy to use, point and shoot. 2 modes, body temp and object temp. Press the trigger and within a second you get your temperature reading. Like others have said the protective film on the screen is a pain to remove. I used a wooden toothpick and eventually got it all off without scratching the display. It should not be this difficult. Seems to be good quality and comparable in size and ergonomics to the other brands I looked at.
    This thermometer is the easiest I've ever used, gives consistent results and can use it on anyone without difficulty. I've tried all styles and didn't want to pay this much, but am glad I did. I can use this on a baby or anyone quickly and easily with easy to read results. No guess work and no waiting. Nice hand grip and large readout. This was well worth the investment.
    J. McDaniel
    I need a thermometer to take the temperature of people. This is my first non-touch thermometer. I have a touch one and that one (Exer) is harder to use. This one you bring it close to the skin, press the button and it reads. Now the most important thing. Is it accurate? I don't have another non-touch to compare it to, so this is based off of 2 more old fashioned mouth ones. It's off by almost 1 degrees. As you can see, both my oral ones were 97.4ish. Nontouch scored 98.3 on the forehead. When I moved it to temporal it registered 97.8. Good enough for my purposes. Let's see how this unit lasts.
    It is always to keep the good thermometer around especially when you have kids. The reason I liked this product because it provides the accurate results and worth for money. Another reason to buy this as it is contact less too. My only question I have is how much durable is this one, I see so far this seems to be working as expected.
    Bob Allen
    This forehead thermometer can get accurate measurement results. When I use it for my family, it is perfect because temperatures can be taken on the forehead for older children or adults. It is very accurate, I conpare it with other device which measure temperature, I get the same results. Great product and great company support.
    Ok just like everyone else, I had to check the accuracy of it. The 1st time I checked it I was within .4 of my old one. So I checked it again to make sure. But this time I did the temperature on someone else. And it was the same. Even if it was .4 off I can handle that. It very light weight and easy to use. I did not have a sticker on the display screen like some of the reviews mentioned. The thing on my screen didn't have writing on it, and was very very easy to pull off. I was really concerned about this because I read it a couple times in the reviews. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this, and will enjoy taking somebody's temperature instead of the old-fashioned way.
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