SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets)

(125 customer reviews)

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VIRUS & BACTERIA are Everywhere. You can’t see it, but it is surrounding you.

Disinfection is Crucial especially during this pandemic period. It stops the virus transmission chain through the surface of the object.


SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet is a very USEFUL and EFFECTIVE hard surface disinfectant. More importantly, it is SUPER CHEAP!

Chlorine Dioxide is nothing new but is widely used in commercial disinfection such as in restaurants, food preparation, and also use in the water disinfection process. However, it is Not a Famous item in the household department.

Chlorine Dioxide is the 4th generation of disinfectant and is recommended by CDC and WHO


Key Benefits:

  • Sanitizes without the toxicity and nauseating smell of it. Bleach is not the right solution for disinfection.

  • Simple to make, the concentration is not that important. Unlike the alcohol-based disinfectant that requires an accurate amount of each to be effective.
  • It doesn’t produce harmful byproducts like most other disinfectants. Chlorine Dioxide will reduce to basic salt after the reaction.
  • Less corrosive than 84 disinfectants (the first generation)
  • Kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.
  • Remove odor by killing the germs or mold that producing the odor
  • Environmental friendly


How to Use?

Just drop a tablet into water (room temperature, DO NOT use hot water), let it dissolve and it is ready to use

As Hand Sanitizer

Add 1 tablet with 1 quart of water

  • Spray and rub on hand
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria on hand
  • No rinse is required
  • Super cheap

For SPENE ULV Atomizer

Add 7 tablets into 7 liters (7.5 quarts) of water

  • Pour the mix into the Atomizer’s tank and close the lid
  • Turn on the fogger switch and adjust the flow rate
  • Spay on the surface
  • No wipe required

For more info, visit here.



As Disinfectant for Toilet, Pet’s Living, Kitchen, Household, Fridge, or Aircond

Add 1 tablet with 2 quarts of water

  • Spray or wipe on the surface
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria
  • No rinse is required


As Floor Disinfectant

Add 1 tablet into the water container

  • Mop floor as usual
  • No additional mopping solution required
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria on floors
  • No rinse is required


As Pet disinfectant

Add 1 tablet with 5 quarts of water

  • Take bath as usual for at least 1 minute
  • Rinse with excess water
  • No additional shampoo required
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria


As Cutlery, Dishware, Kitchenware, or Cup Disinfectant

Add 1 tablet with 4 quarts of water

  • Clean the items with regular soap to remove any visible organic leftover
  • Soak the items for 10 minutes
  • Rinse with excess water
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria


As Fruits and Vegetables Disinfectant

Add 1 tablet with 2 gallons of water

  • Soak the items for 10 minutes
  • Rinse with excess water
  • Kill 99.99% virus & bacteria


There are many other disinfection applications such as clothing, washing machine, mold remover, odor remover, swimming pool, water purification, etc. We recommend every family should keep at least a bottle of disinfection tablet as for emergency.


Shipping Updates:

Due to the pandemic, we will ONLY be shipping orders to the United States at this time. We apologize to all customers outside of the US for this inconvenience.


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We are seeing the cost of Express Shipping is increasing 10-17% due to the pandemic. At SPENE Tech, we will try to keep the disinfectant cost as low as possible and affordable for the community. We are extending the offer for a limited time and shall make changes to the price very soon.



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Unlike other stores that try to sell everything they can get their hands on, we focus only on what we’re best at. Sourcing & Shipping the highest-quality item on the planet. When you order this amazing disinfection tablet from us – be able to kill germs in any corner and keep your family member safe.

We just ask that you give our disinfection tablets a try. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!

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125 reviews for SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets)

    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Very effective and reasonably priced. We used it for everything that needs disinfecting.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    I am ubereat driver. Always need to touch the door handle while delivery. So used this as a hand sanitizer, cheap and easy and safe.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    I love this product! I like that it is not toxic like bleach, it’s affordable and it’s so easy to use. I shared some tablets with my mom/sister and they also love it!
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    The mom
    Happy with my purchase. I use it in my personal nano mister to disinfect most everything before I touch it; door handles, elevator buttons, face mask between wearings, etc! Never got an answer to my question though. If I make a gallon size mixture, how long will it’s disinfecting ability last?
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Nicole Travers
    Can not believe how fast this came love it thank you
    Renesmae Horton
    The product shipped quickly and complete with the date of manufacture clearly printed on the bottle
    It’s easy to use. Just get one tablet fill up with 2 quarts of water . And spray anywhere you need .
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Jameson Mathews
    Easy to use and goes along way
    Kira Hess
    Being restaurant and butcher block workers in my family this was the first thing we bought. Sanitizes all hard surfaces in 10 seconds. One bottle will last a long time.
    Easy to use and convenient to store tablets for future use. No large bottle of liquid to store somewhere. Mix it as you need it.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    My order was received very quickly. The tablets dissolve immediately in water and I am using right now as a hand sanitizer and for surface disinfection. Mixed one tablet with a quart of water and put in 8 oz spray bottles. The water turned yellow and the odor is faint, almost imperceptible. Looking forward to using it as an everyday, effective and inexpensive step to clean the kitchen area, car steering wheel, knobs, switches, and dash area, home door knobs. spray lunch bag surfaces and other high touch in this crazy season. So far so good. My only request would be to have a sheet of instructions for its preparation and use other than just briefly what is on the bottle. Maybe there is a document that can be downloaded on the site?
    I got this at a neighborhood restaurant supply store for use in our shared commercial kitchen. It's great because we don't have to haul bottles of heavy liquid from storage to the kitchen when we make food. It's also not sustainable to ship water and masses of plastic to ship the water in. This was a more practical and earth friendly solution. As far as I know, this compound natural and non-toxic.
    Osman Dawe
    The best for this hard time's whit the corona
    Lacey-Mae Galloway
    Great inexpensive sanitizer for outdoor furniture and patios
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Barbara Mohammed
    It came on time and does what it's supposed to do.
    Easy to use when I need to clean some medical tool or when we need to clean some critical areas.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Melinda Lees
    Could be a little less expensive, but dissolves fairly easily, especially if you break up tablets in the water which is easy to do too.
    Anna Howells
    I was even able to sanitize the kitchen sponges and floor.
    Tyrell Montoya
    Love these. Good price for buying single. Sure beats all the other chemicals out there.
    I use this sanitizer for many things. It's great during cold and flu season. We spray counter tops, door handles, the dish drainer, we even use this to sanitize the washer. Great price, too!
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Celia Donaldson
    Great for disinfecting surfaces. I use a tablet for a one quart spray bottle. If I were to fill the spray bottle once a week a single bottle of tablets would last me about six years. Leaves no residue to worry about. Very nice.
    Valentina Preece
    Very easy tablets to use, they dissolve completely in water without residue. 100 tablets will last me a very long time.
    Lily Campos
    I've been using this product in my laundry, in my dish soaking tub, and as a general sterilizer on non-porous surfaces. It says it is odorless but I beg to differ, it has a very light pleasant scent in its highest concentration, most probably wouldn't be able to smell it at one tab per gallon.
    Waqar Plummer
    Due to CoViD-19 and the running low on disinfecting products this has come in very handy. The best part is it has no odor. One bottle contains 100 tabs & 1-tab make 2 quart of disinfectant. At my work, at the end of the day, we spray all surfaces with spene compound and let it sit & evaporate while doing it's thing.
    This is a great value. You can use this just about on anything to sanitize. I use this after the stinky boys shower, on everything they touch, on floors, the kitchen, etc. I did the math and compared the chemicals on my Lysol laundry sanitizer with this and added 2 tabs to 32 oz of water to create my own sanitizer for the rinse (fabric softener tray) cycle. Oh, the best part is, there’s no smell! At all! Totally unscented. I know some people like to smell that disinfected/clean chemical smell of products, this has no smell whatsoever. There’s another review on here from a lab technician and I used her advice of 1-2 tabs per 16 oz or 2 tabs for 32 oz of water for daily cleaning and it leaves everything spic and span for a FRACTION of the cost of everything price gouged. If I use in counters where food is prepared I go back and clean off with warm water so the food doesn’t come in contact with the sanitizer.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Roma Sierra
    I have been using it to sterilize all of the boxes we receive from UPS, FedEx, Post office, etc. I mix it up a milk carton(1 gallon) and just add 2 tablets chlorine dioxide, shake and place into a spray bottle. great for kitchen countertops and as a rinse for any fruit, vegatables, canned goods, ect that I bring home from the grocery store. I even use it to clean my 3-D printed face mask after each outing! I have given tablets to my neighbor, my sister and a few freinds and they all think it is great!
    We've been using spene for years at our Scuba Diving center to sanitize mouthpieces and masks on a daily basis. However due to COVID, which this is apparently effective on when used properly.
    Kurtis Aguirre
    Dissolve a couple of tablets in a gallon of water (it's not Alka-Seltzer so be patient) and spray. Good enough for me. We use it in the shower for walls, floor. Kitchen counters get sprayed. Car door handles and steering wheels also. Not acidic. Adds to my Covid-19 UV-C attack. Another bullet in my six-gun.
    Fredrick Webster
    Huge value. Mixing it in a 1 gallon milk container and filling spray bottles. Much less harsh on the surfaces than the home brew isopropyl solution I have been using. Independent testing also verifies human Coronavirus effectiveness with a maximum contact time of 10 minutes. No issue there as it’s not harsh. Just spray and let dry.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Rafferty Mcculloch
    Received my product two days earlier than promised. Unlike some others, my jar was not open, and I had no spilled, broken tablets. It was manufactured the latter part of March. I emailed the company to ask about the date, and they answered in less than 5 minutes! Outstanding customer service! The date on bottle is the manufacturing date, and the product is good for 10 years. Impressive! Do be careful when removing the cotton packing inside the bottle as it creates some dust in the air, so be aware of that. That's common with this type of tablet as they are not coated (they need to dissolve). I, for one, will be a lot more comfortable having this product in my home during the COVID-19 virus and afterwards, too. We can all use a good disinfectant in our home at any point for illness, accidents, etc. The bottle takes up very little room, and all you need to activate it is a gallon of water. How easy can it get to keep a good disinfectant in your home? Stay safe!
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    So I bought this as a disinfectant to use in case one of us here at home gets coronavirus. This brand is not on the WHO list of cleaners but its competitors are. Since they are all the same, I feel ok with that. But forget about the pandemic for a minute and remember this is a big bottle so you'll be using it for a while. It makes my counters shine! It destroys food left on my stovetop!! The bottle is small so it's not a storage problem. If you have an RV these don't take up valuable space! No smell--good for allergies! Food safe so you can clean your cutting boards!! I'll be ordering this for the rest of my life. It's good stuff.
    Kien Ellis
    Shipping is blazing fast! Thanks
    Ilayda Mustafa
    I/2 tablet in a sprayer full of water to sterilize my brewing equipment. Works fantastic !! As good as Star San but a whole lot cheaper
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Eleni Rosales
    Bought for a girls campouts to add to our dish cleaning routine. Added two tabs to the final rinse water and had the girls soak dishes for 30 secs. No one got sick so I think they helped. Much easier than bleach would have been around the girls. Used a 3 dishpan routine. One with hot soapy water to wash, a cold rinse to deactivate the soap bubbles and then a dip for 30 secs in about 2 gallons of water and two of these tabs. One bottle should should last us years of camping.
    Kobi Leonard
    I use three per sink run and everything has turned out fine. They do take a bit of time to desolve if you don't start with hot water. Overall, this works just like it said. I was glad to have the six pack option too, it makes buying ahead easier.
    Kayden O’Reilly
    Work well for our scout camping trip dish washing.
    Amani Cannon
    Good deal
    Conah Reese
    Thanks for promt shipping and response. I'm satusfied with the order!
    Annika Ratcliffe
    Sanitizes like bleach but without the toxicity and nauseating smell of it. Perfect for surface sanitation and pot sink sanitation. Each bottle has 100 tablets. Dissolve in 1 tablet per gallon of water, wipe surfaces and let it work for 1 minute before drying. Same with pots and pans. I have used it in a restaurant and school cafeteria for almost 20 years without a single issue. Great for home as well.
    Desiree Reyes
    I don't know when I am going to run out of this stuff, considering I use it just for my house but I am glad I spent the money and got the six bottles. I feel much better knowing my pet's cages and furniture are super clean. I usually do a water wash down with bleach and soap, let dry in the sun, but now after washing I spray with the sanitizer and let dry. Perfect. I've used them for dishes that have set a little too long in the sink (ahem..) as well for the insides of ice chests and water cooler.s
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Krystian Coles
    Awesome! No complaints. In these crazy times we are currently in, I have been doing more cleaning than ever before. (As I am sure MANY of you have). So let me add a few uses I have been using Steramine for that you might like to also use. I am adding one tablet to my dishwasher, in addition to the dishwasher soap used. I also like to clean my floors with my Shark cleaner. I have also started adding a tablet into my Shark water reservoir b4 use. I feel my kitchen floor is more sanitized by doing this. I've also added one to a load of laundry, hot water and only used on whites. (I do NOT know if this would be safe for colored clothes, so use your own discretion, please).
    Zane Harrison
    For use by Boy Scout campers. Thanks.
    Milan Tyler
    Throw one into dishwasher every time. Dissolved in a spray bottle to clean hard surfaces in kitchen. This past year a friend had the flu going back and forth in their house. Gave a few tabs and said “wash all dishes in this and dissolve in spray bottle for all hard surfaces”. Flu disappeared in a few days. May be coincidence but...
    Oliwier Howells
    Because of the coronavirus, I sent 6 bottles of these pills to my relatives and friends in China as the serious lack of medical and disinfect supplies. Now the pills are in my relatives' hands and become their important life guards, the are playing a far more important role than the price I paid!
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Niall Wong
    Price was good and delivery quick. The tablets are handy to use they just take a few minutes to dissolve. They satisfy local Health department for food equipment sanitation
    Willie Stanley
    Thay are a great value and a must have
    Linzi Newton
    Great product, easy to work with.
    Eshaal Coombes
    Quick and reliable
    Ruqayyah Portillo
    We use this product to disinfect rebreathers, scuba regulators, wetsuits, and other SCUBA equipment. It's recommended by most rebreather manufactures. We also use Vircon which is more expensive.
    Ana Sullivan
    Excellent pricing on a good product.
    Maciej Frye
    Works as marketed. Boy Scouts were fascinated by the way it changed the color of the water!
    Billy-Joe Hodges
    Rinse water in my dairybar.
    Reo Lara
    Item as described. I have peace of mind knowing pots, pans dishes, utensiles, counter and cutting surfaces are sanitized.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Myrtle Mcneil
    Exactly what it says it is. Does the trick.
    Izaac Holloway
    Had to get these for our health inspection. It filled the bill thanks
    Haaris Cabrera
    Performs as expected
    Blanche Warren
    Excellent sanitizer tablets.
    Muskaan Barlow
    Can't top these sanitizing tablets for the price. I operate a medium sized local pub and the product is effective.
    Trystan Shea
    Great product and perfect food my food establishment.
    Luella Douglas
    We use these in our restaurant because it is so easy to get the ratio right. Highly recommended!
    Devin Wood
    As described. Great value for the price.
    Riley-Jay Cordova
    Solid sanitization tablets. Work well.
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Evelina Carr
    Great substitute for bleach rinse our boy scouts were using. Easy to use and non toxic. no more bleach stains on uniforms
    Kirby Jennings
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    SPENE Chlorine Dioxide Multipurpose Disinfection Tablet (100 Tablets) photo review
    Tiernan Singleton
    We use this to sanitize in our 3 compartment sink. Works as expected. We buy it in bulk because the price drops. Shipped and received quick and intact. Not much else to say . Good value on this product.
    Kory Farrow
    If you're looking for sanitizer for a 3 piece sink, go no further.
    Bryan Davison
    Great product, order it for families establishment
    Cydney Mcleod
    I used to buy the exact product through my local restaurant supply store at a more than 30% higher price.
    Ava-Grace Rudd
    Bought it for basic emergencies and this product had the best price for the money. Makes me feel more secure in an emergency.
    Lynden Kirby
    We used this in our bar/casino for sterilization of dishes
    Nicola Woodward
    I bought these for emergency preparedness.
    Chester Levine
    We love to use this product and it has saved us so much money!! One tablet makes enough for an entire month of cleaning our tables and chairs. Totally worth it!!
    Kairon Ashley
    Very easy to apply, all kitchen cleaning pads are real clean avoiding bad odour and bacteria
    Tamia Whitney
    Excellent product.
    Cavan Farmer
    I purchased these for our high school students to use when learning to wash dishes. In order to sanitize the dishes the water would have to be too hot for the students to use. These are perfect for sanitizing and they are not harmful to the students either.
    Yusuf Barrow
    We work in afghanistan one of the most unsanitary places on earth. these tabs will come in handy. thank you
    Sakina Briggs
    Much more affordable than other methods. Not a strong smell but smells clean!
    Jadene Chandler
    I can't say that there was much of a smell that I can recall. These are super easy to use, I love them. This makes sanitizing my tools for production very easy! I hate using bleach because you need to measure it, it can get messy and smelly but these eliminate all of that headache!
    Kaiser Downes
    I Originally Just bought just 1 bottle for my personal use. We don't have a dishwasher in our home. I wanted to be to sterilize the dishes and silverware after using them. I also was wanting something to sterilize the cutting boards and knives after using them to cut raw meat with.
    Ari Munoz
    Exactly what we needed. Arrived quickly, without problem!
    Ralph Mclaughlin
    I wanted to have this to spray down my commercial ice machine parts and scoop. This will go a very long way. I cut a tab in half for a quart spray bottle. Has absolutely no odor!
    Ismael Sharp
    Used in West Africa to help protect me from EBOLA
    Julien Klein
    I got this to clean kennels and it never occurred to me that the food grade dilution would be different than the dilution for animal uses. I wish it said how much cleaner was in each tablet/gave a dilution table for other uses. I'm sure it does its job, but it should not be used for kennel/crate cleaning. It is absolutely not strong enough.
    Taryn Maddox
    Bought these for laundry disinfection in a tablet form for my most recent deployment. They work well but they dissolve BRIGHT BLUE. I use bleach for all my whites. But just a fair warning if you want this for laundry. They will stain lighter colors. Otherwise great product!
    Ioana Humphreys
    I keep re-ordering this, it works fine and costs a lot less than what our food service rep charges. It does not come with test strips, I had to order them separately but this is still a good value.
    Zachariah Mullins
    Our boy scouts uses to carry small bottles of bleach to sterilize dish rinse water when camping. These are much less messy.
    Simon Price
    I must say these are very good tablets, 1 tablet per gallon of water, the water should not be too hot, other wise it will alter the reading, which should be 200, I will continue to purchase these tablets when I run out, I highly recommended this product
    Eilidh Connolly
    # 1 for coronavirus
    Lilith Dodson
    Easy to use sterilizer for bar sink. They are used on a daily basis so the price per tablet is what I was looking for as well as effect Tivitt he.
    Kara Leech
    Great stuff works very well and the supply is huge so it will last you some good time.
    Guto Gomez
    I purchased twice already. I will definitely purchase more!
    Humayra Garza
    We have a commercial bakery and coffee shop - it was great to be able to purchase the multi-purpose sanitizing tablets from spymama at a reasonable price and a sufficient quantity to meet our needs
    Zaara Wilder
    So much easier than using chlorine. Have it for my food truck and plop one tabulate and the concentration is spot on.
    Lilliana Gale
    I used these before when I was a bartender. We needed some for a Halloween party we were throwing and this was the best deal out there. WAY too many for what I'll ever need though, maybe I can sell the other 5 bottles!
    Keith Cote
    For anyone who works in healthcare, you know how fast it is to sanitize using quaternary ammoniums. The packet allows you to keep the concentrated tabs on hand to mix as needed. This has made an easy and effective spray for sanitizing sick kittens' crates, litter boxes and play areas.
    Mia-Rose Kavanagh
    These are perfect for the sanitation bottles we use at our daycare. No messy spills trying to measure the liquid ratios. Just drop and go.
    Tevin Wickens
    Used in our childcare rooms. Keeping items sanitized in both of our room is extremely important to our children and parents.
    Emilija Stein
    These are absolutely perfect and easy to use. Drop a tablet in oer gallon of water and let it disolve.... all done!!
    Mehmet Mcdowell
    I use these tablets at my restaurant in the bar sink and they do a great job, what I like the most they are approved by the health department. Two tablets are enough for a full day operation at the bar and after washing many glasses and cups the color won't fade!
    Ian Edwards
    This is a great product at a great price.
    Tasmin Whitfield
    Use in dish water since our water supply is rainwater. Using these I am guaranteed sterile.
    Leigh Rangel
    They do the job. Work like their suppose to. No problems, makes the water blue and keeps the stuff clean.
    Rebekka Beach
    They work great, I dissolve a couple tablets into a bucket of water and use it to clean up around the kitchen. They dissolve well and there isn't really a smell to to it that I noticed. For the price you can't beat it! Definitely worth buying.
    Tegan Randolph
    I purchased In 2018 and still have 50 tabs left... This does not say for coronavirus on the label it does however say for HIV, coli, staph, MRSA etc... But whoever is advertising they purchased this for This Pandemic you all are not reading your labels correctly! I will definitely purchase this product again for sanitizer in my kitchen.
    Ammaar Hensley
    Great storage item and they work really good.
    Daphne Hatfield
    This stuff works great!
    Alivia Stanton
    Have been using this product since 2015 ! Works well. Sanitize well. Do recommend
    Maha Taylor
    Works great!! Fast Shipping!! Thank you!!
    Rose Gallagher
    I got this item to store for future use since ammonia breaks down and is so good for cleaning, etc.
    Eliza Fisher
    I've used this product for YEARS.
    Chloe-Louise Clifford
    Awesome cleaner. I've used the testing strips on these, and they come back with the suggested strength. Even though they don't smell as bad as bleach cleaners, they can still be toxic at high concentrations. Use gloves if using more than the recommended dilution.
    Naomi Harding
    Great product
    Sanaya Li
    Item arrived quickly and as described
    Kalum Skinner
    Gives you what you need and what the health department wants you to have. Buying them through spymama saved me almost 25% compared to what our food service provider has been charging. I have used this specific brand for a long time with no complaints.
    Subhaan Rawlings
    I have been using this product for years professionally as a bartender. I finally decided to purchase them for personal use. They’re fantastic for sanitizing surfaces, sinks, bathtubs and showers, lots of areas in your home. I have superior trust in this product and believe in it. They are very easy to use as long as you follow the directions. More isn’t necessarily better, keep that in mind. I can’t stress enough, follow the directions.
    Fergus Edmonds
    I use these to clean my lenses on my paintball masks at my parks. Works great to avoid water spots using a sanitary rinse. Got them in 2 days and bulk price is right. Use 1 tablet per gallon of water for rinse
    Sohaib Brookes
    Good product and better price.
    Maryam Wilde
    The cost,,used in my dish water
    Nancy Weston
    Super easy to use and it REALLY CLEANS. we use this at the restaurant and it’s much better on our hands than the bleach water. It also cleans way better. Fill a warm/hot bucket of water and toss in a tablet. It’s perfec
    Mamie Orr
    A must have if you serve the public.
    Baxter Butt
    So far so good, haven't used yet but I've used it before, as far as part per million in a gallon of water we will see
    Lynn Findlay
    Arrived on time. Good product solution for commercial kitchen.
    Josie Combs
    Great product and seems to do what it is intended for.
    Mia Burgess
    I use this in my restaurant and always order on spymama due to the pricing being so much better than my restaurant supply store.
    Juniper Fraser
    Alternative to Lysol and hard to find disinfectants. Quaternary ammonium is used in restaurants as a food grade sanitizer. I am spraying down my kitchen, incoming groceries, toiletries, and all other purchases, shoes sitting on the porch, etc. during the coronavirus shutdown.
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