SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0 (New ULV Version)

(133 customer reviews)


**Now it comes in cordless for maximum portability! Bring it anywhere without the worry of the power outlet.


SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer can accommodate the SPENE Chlorine Dioxide tablet effectively in disinfection spray. It is also compatible with most disinfectants in the market.

True ULV technology

Since the introduction of Nano Atomizer to the market back in July, most customers complain that the spray output is overwhelming. The water output is too much for a disinfection purpose and leads to longer drying time, wastage of disinfectants, and higher cleaning costs.


In Oct 2020, SPENE Tech resolved the issue by integrating a high-speed pump and redesigning the nozzle to achieve a True ULV spray performance. You would expect this version 3.0 delivers a better result with superfine spray particle.


Superfine Mist: It sprays fine mist instead of a splash of water like most other atomizers. It covers the surfaces more evenly.


Ultra-Low Volume (ULV): Save your cleaning cost by using a lesser disinfectant. It can cover more areas with the same amount of disinfectant. Instead of 5 minutes, a full tank can spray continuously for an hour at maximum spray volume before it runs out of disinfectant.


Faster drying time: Reduce the drying time due to finer particles and just the right amount of disinfectants.

No More Dripping from the Nozzle. It saves you trouble and money with the NEW No-Drip Design Nozzle.


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COLD Spray VS HOT Fogging

SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer is a Cold Spray device that does not heat up the chemical. In general, cold spray is safer, more effective, and compatible with most disinfectants in the market.


How to USE?

  1. Dissolve 1 tablet of SPENE Chlorine Dioxide into the liquid container with water or fill the container with your desired disinfectant (If necessary, dilute the disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s recommendation).
  2. Secure the container to the Atomizer
  3. Press the trigger switch to start the spray.
  4. Adjust the fog adjustment knob to achieve the desired flow rate.
  5. Spray on the hard surface for disinfection and let it air dry.


How to turn it off?

  1. Press the trigger switch.
  2. Remove the solution from the container.



  • Nominal Voltage: 110-240 (universal) / 50 HZ
  • Nominal Power: 10W
  • Liquid Tank Capacity: 800ml (27oz)
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Working Hours: 3 hours
  • Max Spray Range: 6.5 ft
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion


Package includes:

  • 1 x SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x User Manual


Bundle Offers


1 Cordless Atomizer + Chlorine Dioxide: $84

1 Thermometer + 1 Cordless Atomizer: $88

Shipping Updates:

Due to the pandemic, we will ONLY be shipping orders to the United States at this time. We apologize to all customers outside of the US for this inconvenience.


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We are seeing the cost of shipping is increasing 10-17% due to the pandemic. At SPENE Tech, we will try to keep the disinfectant cost as low as possible and affordable for the community. We are extending the offer for a limited time and shall make changes to the price very soon.



Unlike other stores that try to sell everything they can get their hands on, we focus only on what we’re best at. Sourcing & Shipping the highest-quality item on the planet. When you order this amazing Atomizer from us – be able to kill germs in any corner and keep your family member safe.

We just ask that you give our SPENE Portable Atomizer a try. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!



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1 Atomizer, 1 Atomizer + 1 ClO, 1 Atomizer + 1 Thermometer, 1 Battery

133 reviews for SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0 (New ULV Version)

    Carrie Andreatta
    We are using at church after services and it is fast and effective!
    Yasser Webb
    Bought two of these to use at our church. So easy to use. They work great. Light weight and the canister that holds the disinfectant is a good size. We are able to disinfect entire worship center with less than one canister. Love this product!!
    This one works awesome
    John walloch
    The atomizer works well. It can be easily adjusted to ensure wide spread of fog. The instructions are very clear and easy to install and use. Battery life is very long, battery life is about 4 hours, charging time is about 3 hours. I use it to disinfect very well.
    Ercilia Rezende
    Bob the barber
    Very effective ,easy to clean and use well worth the money 👍😎
    I have been using a manual spray for a long time for this pandemic, and decided to try this spray gun. It is a little expensive, but it works very well. I used hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of grocery bags and inside of the vehicle. Easy and fast to use. I sometimes also use it on my dog, when she stays out for long time, she get some smell on her, and I use this and add some perfume to get rid of the smell. It works.
    So easy to use to sanitize specially in the house. Thank you!
    SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0 (New ULV Version) photo review
    Darren Alexander
    I've ordered 3 so far the first one about a year ago and it work flawless and the new 3.0 I love i use them very regularly since the pandemic being in the cleaning and disinfectant business haven't had any issues I'm actually about to order two more !! Also I love the tablets great value and a very effective product (Awesome)!!!
    Easy to use
    Cathy Sophy
    I really like this disinfection spray gun, the appearance is simple, the length is suitable, the use is very convenient, the quality is really very good, beyond my imagination!Need friends absolutely do not miss oh!It was really worth it!
    G G
    An absolute sanitizer that works well with solutions to kill all bacteria and viruses.I use it to clean my hotel room at the hotel.
    It's good value for moneyMy husband added disinfectant for me,It works greatI like it very much
    Ken Thomas
    I bought this beautiful sanitizer for the company.It was delivered very quickly and received in a few days.I've experienced the functionality,It worked really well,I'll buy it again next time.
    Hadiya Donaldson
    Donette Svidron
    This sprayer is a must-have item to disinfectant when you bring outside things home. Spene atomizer is high quality and easy to use. it is battery-operated and anyone can use it without needing any technical skills.
    Stan Niemala
    I was recommended to use this product, and this is the second time I have bought it. It is clean, non-smelly and easy to use, either for planting of the cacti cuttings I need to do, or for mixing with their usual compost.
    Krystina Rikki
    This is a very useful disinfectant sprayer.This material is durable enough to sustain daily use.The sprayer is easy to use and has wide spray coverage.Ultraviolet light can also act as a disinfectant.I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.
    View order
    Excellent did the job I wanted a light spray like most to spray my little dog during this heatwave nice light weight plastic easy to use, my do loved it fine spray I kept on fridge one for him and one for me. Nice light mist
    Nicara Partlow
    Deliver quickly and pack well.I found better quality.I was very impressed and glad I ordered more!
    Macy Calhoun
    My husband and I bought a great beauty gun.It's amazing, easy to use and perfect for home, office and gym.We carry it everywhere and it's worth every penny!
    Maurice Johnson
    Charge, Fill, and spray
    Mr. Cox
    This works very well. Easy to use. I will never need to buy canned Disinfectant again.
    Just add disinfectant and use. Spray on toys or blankets quick drying and sprays consistently and has good coverage.
    Sunil Burton
    We love it for our church but the charger has stopped charging, I need to order another one.
    Danny H
    Bought this mist gun for my office work. Its very useful and easy to use, good price and quality .HIGNLY recommended and i will buy it again. Its important to disinfect with an alcohol spray gun!
    Laurie Hodges
    Bought for my son during Covid. Works great
    Leyla Bull
    I think it's great. And light weight, gets the job done
    kris tucci
    So far so good
    Love it!
    Karen R. Veney
    I purchased this product a few weeks ago, and use it in my home and automobiles. So far so good. I am very pleased with the product. It performs just as advertised. It works great!
    Robert J. Dennis
    Great product that works very well for disinfecting.
    Product came fast packaging was good machine work well i recommen to get one
    Kim Alexandria
    Easy to use
    Erez c.
    We have a large office and we use it to disinfect all offices bathrooms and all surfacesvery easy to usehighly recommended
    Really love this machine! It’s all the rage in my photography studio!I use 99.5 count alcohol so that my surface dries quickly.
    James Holmes
    We love this product
    Mallory Clemons
    My mother and I own a small business and things have been crazy with the coronavirus. This nano atomizer is great for sanitizing our small business and it gives customers the peace of mind knowing that we are sanitized and clean! It is very easy to use as It is rechargeable. The quality is great, sheer and thick so it’s easy to hold.Recommended product 100%.
    Robert Sweet
    Spray down office in minutes.
    Kris Patrick
    We bought this when my husband and I had covid and our children did not. There was no disinfectant available at any stores. My children used this to disinfect all surfaces of the house daily to ensure we did not spread the virus to them. Success. They were able to clean with confidence. Also, I found it easy to use when sanitizing the house afterwards.
    Lucy Castillo
    OMG i love this! I bought it for one reason and now i can see i could use it for so much more. I bought it for pest control! The mist this gun throws is perfect!
    Rhiannon Doherty
    Second ordered. I’m in love. Easy to use and does it job!
    This is easy to use and it’s lightweight. It has worked well and I really like that it’s rechargeable so it’s easy to transport from one room to another. Although it did jam on the spray after some time, this seller has been amazing about refunding, even after I missed the return window due to my having to be in quarantine. They have excellent customer service! I actually ordered a replacement since I have tried other foggers and this has been the best thus far, even with the jam.
    joe jones
    Like the easy use and ability to be wireless and light weight. It works very well and is easily adjustable with the quick turn of a dial on the side of the product.
    joyce y.
    This is realy a great product for sanitizing in this pandemic. we put this in our garage and fill it with 70% alcohol. and spray everything purchased and received. the spray volum can be adjusted. very easy to use. great quality.
    Very good product, works great, definitely recommended
    I like the product. The product was recommended by someone else and demonstrated how it worked.
    We run a business that people often visit. In a pandemic, you need to somehow disinfect the office, and I decided to buy this gun after the reviews on YouTube. Very useful and cool thing. I usually fill it with a tincture of alcohol, water, hydrogen peroxide, and a drop of essential oil. I spray on all furniture and walls. Recommend to buy.
    James S.
    I like the way it's made, and it's easy to handle and refill. I use it at work every evening, and I'm pleased with it's performance. People seeing it think it's great after I tell them what it is and show how it works. I would recommend this item.
    Jingui Lin
    It is a very useful spray gun. It sprays very well and evenly. It works very quietly. Its LED light can also see where you are spraying. It can also adjust the distance and density. You have better sterilization effect.
    Tanesha Barefield
    I like this product
    sixiao shan
    Im so glad that I got this product.  It very convenient and easy to use.  I work at a restaurant and see alot people everyday.  This is very useful to sanitize my clothes and things that I touch.  It also has different speed that can be adjusted, its very helpful.  And it can be last a while once its charged.
    I just used for the first time and is way better than using a spray bottle to clean all the groceries... it sprayed all the liquid even in all my items!
    Great product. different spray size choices. Love it
    I love this Steam/Mist gun.I bought this with the intention of spraying water mixed with alcohol and using it as a light mist sanitizer. its great that you can adjust the spray level to what you want it to be.Why get this over a spray bottle, because its a light even mist everytime. it wont over spray. Some area that im cleaning around like electronics, I rather not spray heavy like with a spray bottle.Highly recommended for cleaning, best of all its rechargeable and wireless so take it on a go.
    James Pelham
    Not a lot of information on operating and what substances to use with this unit, but with a little effort it can be found on internet.
    mark Cope
    Works great get it save this world
    Jacquelyn Dudley
    I love the product
    Denette Foster
    Yes yes yes great buy
    Sprays good.
    Elysia Turner
    Didn't spray as far & I used for a covid clean up.
    Absolutely love this handheld fogger! It’s very easy to use and I love that is is rechargeable and cordless. Works great for home and business. Highly recommend!
    This spray really surprised me.Because of the epidemic, I bought many different products for disinfection and sterilization.This is the best one !When I got this spray gun, I couldn’t wait to try it. I filled with 70% alcohol and spray it all floor , bathroom and doorknobs.Very easy to use and very convenient!Highly recommended!
    Jori Jasper
    I love this ATOMIZER. It is so easy to use and the charge last a long time. It is perfect for my business to keep it clean and sanitized.I highly recommend this for home or business use.
    I am glad I made this purchase. I fill it with rubbing alcohol and spray the alcohol mist on door knobs, light switches, hand rails, etc. :)
    B Seger
    I purchased this to disinfectant my office area. Battery charges fast and runs a little over a week per charge. I ocs run straight water through it to flush it out. The trigger binds a little but had not caused any issues. I would purchase another one!
    Found unit simple to use,glad I purchased it.
    carmen d.
    This product is great
    I love the Nano Atomizer. One of my employees tested positive for Covid-19. I called a few sanitation companies but they were very expensive. So I ordered this relatively inexpensive atomizer. It came very fast. It was easy to use. I charged the battery for a two hours and it was ready to go. I fogged the whole office in 20 minutes and also fogged my car. The mist was fine and was able to cover a large area. It is well worth the price. I loved it and will surely recommend it.
    Joe Xu
    This is a nice and so easy to use disinfectant sprayer . The materials are really durable and will have no problem holding up to daily use. You simply just fill up your liquid in the container. Perfect size and very easy to use, just turn the knob to the spray setting, and then just pull the trigger. Then you are ready to start spraying.This unit has a built in battery so once it’s charged up it lasts a really long time in between charges. This works great if you need to sanitize rooms or areas where it’s hard to wipe down surfaces. It makes cleaning quick and easy and is great if you have high touch surface areas. So far it’s been working great and it’s well worth the price.
    Norm palm
    This electrostatic atomizer is great during these COVID times. It's very portable and easy to use. My only complaint is that when first switched on the stream is not as well atomized, it takes a second until its a fine spray. I have been using it with hydrochlorous acid for personal use not commercial.
    Marie O.
    This is the third one I purchased for a gift. Great to keep us safe
    Rodney S
    Works for me, good spray pattern. Only negative is LED's do not work. But I bought it for disenfecting not a light show.
    This is great and brings comfort to those who work in my office and enter the office from outside. This has become a staple in our workplace and a requirement for our routine. Would highly recommend.
    Brett Koons
    Good product works well.
    Miriam Ortiz
    It was easy to use standing on the ground but the shoulder strap was inclined to slip. I would not wish to use standing up a ladder.
    Julia Kirtley
    This feels sturdy I've used it OK, not a cheapo that seals break after usin thankfully, my last cheap 1 lasts 1s and ended up in the tip
    We have a boxer dog who has his special spot on the couch - we used this steam gun on the spot (3-4 waves over the entire area) and it eliminated the pet odor! The added blue light feature is awesome because now I have peace of mind that the smell is gone but any bacteria has also been eliminated. I will now be using this as part of my regular cleaning routine!
    Like this product. Can fill with any type of liquid. Recharge able. Save money on batteries. Double sanitizer, UV lights and spray way. Feel more safe.
    Rhiannon Doherty
    High quality! Very easy to use. Nice sheeeness and thickness of a fog spray. I feel like my business is now more disinfectanted with this product. Would definitely purchase again.
    Efrain Hernandez
    Awesome, but the plastic got disintegrated by the desinfectante
    Have to be careful how to operate otherwise spray may be excessive, depends on the room size
    Texas Tim
    Works great to spray my HOCL used to disinfectant for covid-29
    Rick C.
    Spraying plants, this works like a dream. Along with saving a tremendous amount of money on organic pesticides. You will get perfect coverage, using only a fraction of Pure Crop1. Did wear a face mask which is a good idea.
    Nina Gentry
    We were pleased with the first two we purchased that we purchased additional ones to use on site.
    sidney rowser
    judy dilworth
    Problem is the charging cord came apart after the first charge. now i have to find another charging cord. but dont know where to order one
    Satisfied with the
    This product has made it so much easier for me to sanitize bed s furniture keyboards and anything I need to have sanitized I use it to sanitize door knobs door handles cabinet handles dresser drawer handles very easy to use
    Qiong huang
    Works very well at my store. I am working at high traffic place, really feel danger during this special time. So you need to disinfect many time a time, but with this steamer , you save a lot money for buying lysol disinfectant spay. I am very satisfied。
    Light, easy and handy to use - thankful for the product
    Teresa J
    Very easy to use
    Easy fast covers multiple areas love it !!
    Works great nice bounce to use in house with coivdOnly thing the rubber inside fell apart fast but it still works
    Bob A.
    This atomizer applicator gun does an excellent job misting and sanitizing carpet, mattresses, chair and bathrooms. The misting feature is adjustable and when hold the applicator 8-12 inches from the cleaning area it emits a light mist of the disinfectant from the reservoir. It also emits a blue ultraviolet light while applying the mist. Pleased with the quality and ease to use of the applicator gun.
    Aliyah Almond
    There is Great and SAFE for us. and help clean kill Any sick or Flu AND virus.. and clean stuff for baby too more safe.. there is Great!
    JoEllen LeVitre
    I like this much more than I thought I would. I'd buy it again and I'd recommend it to my family and friends. It's made of cheap plastic but works just fine in spite of that. It's easy to use.
    Moonshine in the Sun Rays
    I have severe underlining illnesses. Bought for Covid-19 and the machine works perfectly along with tablets. Make sure to fully charge which goes a long way since it’s used for all deliveries from grocery stores and delivery packages. Constantly use for home disinfecting as well. I can’t emphasize how great the portability and handling of the gun is!
    Efrain Hernandez
    Kalyn J.
    Very strong and durable, good appearance design, high quality.This is for the company to buy, the summer arrived, hard to avoid flies and mosquitoes, two or three hundred square office, also five or six minutes to finish the medicine, pressure is very durable, also sent a lengthened * head, think very thoughtful.I will not say the delivery speed, after all, is the speed of JINGdong, order early, the mosquito can not see the moon on the day
    SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0 (New ULV Version) photo review
    Works fast and covers nicely. Will buy another! Thanks for a nice experience.
    Danielle Loven
    My Husband and I purchased this amazing sanatizer gun. It is amazing, easy to use, great for house, office, and gym. we take it everywhere and are covid free!! Purchase yours today. Worth every penny!
    Marissa Osterkamp
    I will continue to buy after I feel relieved and I will recommend it to my friends!!
    Bought this item to cut down on waste of Lysol wipes in my classroom. It has been saving time, energy, and works really well.
    Leon Sassaman
    This was my second choice, the first type ordered was stuck in the USPS center 40 miles from home for 14 days past the delivery date. The second choice was because of the volume of the solution. After use, it's adjustability through performance allows you to cover a large area
    Michael Hand
    The quality is very good, consistent with the description of the seller, I really like it, it completely exceeds the expectation, the delivery speed is very fast, the packaging is very careful and tight, the logistics company service attitude is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, very satisfactory shopping quality is good, I hope more friends trust.The owner's attitude is particularly good, I will patronize the good seller praise, delivery quickly, the attitude is very good, very satisfied!Good, good!Online shopping is so intense, I did not expect the store's service is so good, good quality and low price, very enthusiastic seller, next time I still hope to have the opportunity to cooperate next time. I wish you a prosperous business, the quality is very good, to my surprise, the packaging is very careful.Have the opportunity to find you again next time, people good, the east is very good, will find the baby is a very happy thing, than the heart, the quality is very good, and the seller described completely consistent, really like, completely beyond expectations, the delivery speed is very fast, packaging very carefully, sealed, logistics company service attitude is very good, delivery speed quickly
    The goods have been received with good quality, exquisite workmanship and good effect, which has provided great help to my life. I am very satisfied
    Highly recommend this adjustable fogger steam gum it’s very easy to use, wireless, rechargeable, you can carry it to anywhere you like, good for business and home. I add odoBan with water to fresh air. Very happy with this product.
    Baby received, logistics is also very fast, family flower is very practical, labor-saving.The spray is fine and the pressure is high
    Jarred Elliott Gregory
    Bought back to use, feel really easy to use, hair care is very smooth.It's a good deal. I like it
    SPENE Cordless Nano Atomizer 3.0 (New ULV Version) photo review
    Amazing product! Gain peace of mind in a pandemic world!
    Michael Macias
    Need one really bad
    Using this in my classroom it sure beats the soggy feeling when you use a regular spray bottle. I even use it on books without ruining them!
    So far so good! It actually works! Def better then this one clean buddy brand I bought off FB ad! Works great!
    joseph j Morris
    I use this product everyday to sanitize my driver compartment of my city bus I drive. However the device stopped working. It no longer shoots the sanitizing solution from the device. I would like another one if they can fix this issue.
    I love it. It is so easy to use and convenient.
    Milton Livas
    It works real good I like it
    Everett McAllister
    Good for the current germs situation.
    Easy to use
    Daniel Solano
    Good product, buy again.
    Very useful for disinfection and sterilization.
    Diego Avalos
    Good Product! Very to easy to used! I am a hairdresser, and it is also very good to use it as a salon. The spray very delicate.
    Its works the function.
    samiantha desravines
    Thank u for your contact & arrangement in getting the product safely delivered.
    Donny S.
    It can really be used for watering flowers, and the water output is large and delicate. It is also a good choice to humidify the air.
    Very nice... I recomend. I can also manage my garden and vegetable plot well.
    Got the ULV atomizer. Easy and very direct. Useful for time like tis.
    Receive in order. Value for money. Good quality product. Excellent service by seller
    It works well. The sprayed mist is very fine. In addition, it can also be used as an air humidifier. Powerful! Thank you very much.
    Darnell Slacum
    As a father of two young children I am fully aware of the dangers of the current pandemic and have been trying different products to ensure a safer and cleaner family environment. I am now using this happily every day, and feel I am doing more in keeping my young children safer.
    This thing is absolutely amazing and awesome!!!!!!
    Marlie Farley
    Good quality and well built.
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